Interfaith Wolverhampton (IFW) is a charitable Company (Charity no. 1114265; Company Registered No. 3218967).  Its current constitution  Memorandum and Articles of Association was approved in 2010, with amendments in 2013.

Interfaith Wolverhampton aims to work with the diverse communities living in and around Wolverhampton in order to foster and nurture mutual understanding and appreciation between the different faiths.  It seeks to arrange, encourage and support dialogue between those of different faiths and no faith, communities and agencies so as to contribute to an inclusive environment of mutual respect and harmony.

June 6th, 2017

Patrons:  The Mayor of Wolverhampton.  Dr. Keith Bradshaw, DL.   Dr. Satya Sharma, MBE, DL.

IFW has an Honorary President, Rt. Rev. Clive Gregory, Bishop of Wolverhampton.  There are also two Vice-Presidents, Dr.Harun Rashid and Parveen Brigue.   All are elected for a period of three years.

IFW has a Board of Directors made up of Officers and members.
The current Officers (March 2020) are:

·         Chair                                Cllr Jasbinder Dehar      

·         Vice-Chair                        Dr. Yusuf Shafi

·         Vice-chair                        Jill Parker, MBE, JP        

·         Vice-chair                        Martin Gomberg                       

·         Secretary                        Rev. Christopher Collins

·         Treasurer                        Martin Gomberg

Interfaith Wolverhampton do not seek to promote faith neither does it recruit faith members for faith communities.  What we try to do is to remove the barriers of ignorance, fear and suspicion that can lead to conflict within the wider community.  This is achieved by a process of education aimed specifically at nurturing and disseminating knowledge and understanding of the rich diversity of religious beliefs and practices within the City of Wolverhampton with the purpose of supporting community cohesion through dialogue and collaboration of specific projects.

If you feel there is an important issue for Interfaith Wolverhampton to consider, please contact the Office and the Officers will seek to give the matter due consideration.

Annual Report of the Trustees / Directors 2019-20 (Approved 18/05/2021)

Annual Accounts 2019-20 (Approved 18/05/2021)

Board Membership as at April 6th 2020 - Click Here

The Officers (as at March 2020) with the Mayor of Wolverhampton -

Photo of Officers as at March 2020