Membership is open to groups and individuals (  Membership Application Form ) and schools (  School Membership Application Form ) with an interest in inter-faith relations subject to the payment of an annual subscription fee and the approval of the Board of Directors.  If required, click for  Standing Order Formand/or  Gift Aid Form .


There are many benefits that can be derived from school membership as listed below.

  • We are impartial; we do not promote any particular faith, but we do promote positive understanding of differing local faith communities. This enhances your school’s role in community cohesion.
  • We organise visits to places of worship for a nominal admin charge.
    Reduced rates for member schools.

  • We absorb the stresses and strains of organising visits, releasing pressure on your teaching staff.
  • We can provide in-school faith presentations given by differing accredited faith people. These can be tailored to suit your school. (chargeable per faith) Presentations are mostly based on local places of worship – local people in local settings.
    Reduced rates for member schools

  • Member schools are allowed to utilise our skyline logo on their headed paper. This reflects an unbiased approach by your school towards any faith.
  • Certificate of membership.
  • We are supported by SACRE.
  • Regular Newsletters with updates on forthcoming Events and Activities.